The Book cover mockup

The Lord of The Flies complete book cover

Whole book cover

The Lord of The Flies front cover

The Lord of The Flies Front Cover

Ralph and Jack became enemy and boar head on spear with fire describe anger, evil and horror.

The Lord of The Flies back cover

The Lord of The Flies Back Cover

The back cover looks little bit calm, but there's broken Piggy's glass, conch shell and two spears.

Feels like describe something not good.

In front cover my design, two boys Ralph and Jack are looking at each other angrily. They became enemies standing with a boar head fire spear reflecting anger, evil and horror. Ralph, a yellow haired boy wanted rescue all, however the other boy Jack wanted to hunt boars and ignore everything. The Fire describe to rescue for importance, also it describe evil and anger. The title fonts looks serious.
On the back cover of my design, there is a depiction of a sunset on the beach, with a palm tree, two spears, conch shell and broken glass near a lagoon. The broken glass and conch shell are very important to survive on this island. The Conch shell describe a horn to make roll call and glass is used to make fire. The back cover view looks little bit calm, but you can feel something when you see spears, a conch shell and a broken glass. 

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