"One Mistake Could Cost A Whole Life"
I created this poster for car accident awareness.

This project is "No Littering". Some people litter on streets and highways while driving a car. This Illustration depicts why no one should litter on streets and highways. The litter in the poster displays sharp, slippery surfaces and distractions that can cause accidents on our streets and highways. Additionally, lit cigarettes thrown from a car can cause wildfires.

This project is named "Never fall in Alcohol!". As a saying goes "drinking and driving do not mix!". 

Don't drink and drive.

In my imagination, If the DMV or a driver safety campaign group hired me to create a car traffic safety poster, this is what I would illustrate.
The software that I used for this poster was Adobe illustrators. The tools that I used were pen tools, gradient mesh and brush tools. 
i chose fonts for easy reading and descriptions for warning. 
These multiple illustrations were Traffic control designs and car safety posters.

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