This illustration is from ancient Egypt mythology

Day time view

Night time view

Lightning and rainy day view

Mau was the name of the cat regarded as representing, or embodying, the Sun God Ra that had the character traits and abilities of the deity. The Egyptian Tree of Life, identified with the Persea Tree, was guarded and protected by the Mau, the Great Cat. The sacred Persea tree of life first emerged when Ra Atum, the Sun-god, first appeared at Heliopolis. It played a part in the Creation Myth that explained how the nine gods who made up the Ennead of Heliopolis were created. The fruit of the Tree of Life gave eternal life and knowledge of the divine plan. Apep was the Egyptian god of evil, chaos and destruction and depicted as a giant snake or serpent.
Apep threatened world and divine order and attempted to prevent Ra from bringing the sun into the sky each day. Apep, the monstrous serpent, was the deadly adversary of Ra. According to ancient Egyptian mythology Mau battled against Apep to prevent him from taking control of the Persea Tree of Life and the world. After many battles Mau finally defeated Apep and cut off the head of the serpent. The pictures depict this battle between good and evil and shows Mau killing the snake with the ancient Egyptian flint knife, called a Khop.
I used on Adobe Illustrator CC. The tools I used were pen tools, spray tools, brush tools, and Edit color, Color guide, color themes. I used Edit color tools to recolor the same illustration to change different weather or times. For example when night time, day time or bad weather times, the colors can change. 

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