This is a custom Tesla Model S dashboard.  I modified it to appear as a classic style dashboard.
The full view of dashboard

Full view of tablet

I modified the top buttons with illustrations. I changed the illustrations and fonts. The illustrations depict an old vintage style appearance. Moreover, the fonts are magneto.

When you click the music button, it reflects like old classic car radio. You can dial the volume from low to high.

When you click the map, this will show up. It is a GPS system. 

The left is car condition. If you click "Condition" button, this will shows up. It describe about how condition of your car. The right  side panel is for the car telephone, and it reflects a dial phone. Additionally, you can push the buttons to make a telephone call.

This is for the air conditioner. You can change the temperature to high or low by moving the dial left or right. The driver and front passenger seat  temperature can be adjusted from hot or cold with a simple move of the switch.

The Tesla Model S dashboard is a tablet. However, the original tablet looks simple and boring. So, I customized the Tesla Dashboard like a classic car style dashboard. It feels nostalgic and enjoyable to drive! 

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