Using in book illustration

The turtle taking rabbit to palace

The Turtle taking Rabbit to Palace under the sea.

The Dragon King of the Southern Sea is suffering from an ailment that can be cured only with the liver of a rabbit. The king thereupon summons all the ministers to look for the liver of a rabbit on the ground. The terrapin volunteers his service to journey to a forest and return with a rabbit.
The terrapin succeeds in doing this by luring the rabbit with the wonderful prospects of living in the palace. The rabbit, after discovering his danger at the palace, coaxes the King into allowing him to return to the forest by explaining that his liver was so much in demand that it finally became necessary to conceal it in a secret place and that he had, therefore, come without it.
Upon hearing this, the Dragon King of the Southern Sea grants the rabbit permission to go back to the forest with the terrapin after the rabbit promises that he will return with his liver. Once in the forest, the rabbit ridicules the King's and terrapin's stupidity and is never seen again. But the rabbit is also actually quite moved by the terrapin's faithfulness to the King.
If the book publisher wanted realistic photo manipulated illustration on this folktale book, this is the one.
The artworks that I used in this design was photoshop photo manipulation. The palace was mixed with different asian palaces.

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